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    Thoughts Of Tomorrow
    Life On The Line
    Kiva Moor
    The Moment Undone
    Little Sparta

    alt. rock                                                        chillout house

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    "Soundcheque is a genuinely brilliant idea”  Chris Martin, Coldplay

    "Soundcheque is the way of the future. Very knowledgeable staff, innovative, and able to meet my vision." Melissa Woodside, Filmmaker

    “Soundcheque's speed of service and dedication to each project is unrivalled. They rock!” Hero Media

    "It's exactly what the industry needs" Lauren Laverne, BBC Presenter

    "I hope it's a great success”  Richard Curtis, Film Director

    "A genuinely innovative idea. The  whole process is really easy and stress-free. Looking forward to the next project!" Fred & Eric Productions

    "Soundcheque is cool!” Edgar Wright, Film Director

    "Never have I been involved with such a friendly, professional and approachable bunch. Amazing" Tim Allen, Composer

    "At last - something new! No more trawling through the same old tracks over and over again." WorldTV

    "Soundcheque are a truly unique and wonderful company and a breath of fresh air in the music industry." Sykes, band

    “Thank you Soundcheque for all your support and wonderful music” The Prince's Trust

    "Soundcheque is a great platform for composers. It is risk free and fair licensing of music" Phil Gregory, Composer

    “I love the way Soundcheque finds the music for filmmakers. That is one of a kind!” New Pop Media

    "It’s such a great resource” Nemone, BBC Radio Presenter

    “Soundcheque is fantastic. Easy to use and very effective” Graham Wright, Composer

    "I love the idea of Soundcheque - it's inspired and clever" War Child

    "Soundcheque supply a fabulous, personal service that connects music and media makers. A great service for a great cause! Thank you” FilmAid International

    “Soundcheque is a much-needed space for composers and filmmakers. No more agencies stealing composers' royalties!” Sam Fisher, Composer

    “We recommend Soundcheque to anyone who likes or needs music. They are so fast and find exactly what you need.” AlertBrosTV

    “I want to thank Soundcheque for the opportunities they give composers. My music was placed and I was paid. I cannot recommend them more highly.” Younes Bahri, Composer

    “Soundcheque composers met our brief at the drop of a hat. A great service.” PA Consulting

    “What Soundcheque does is really fantastic.” Upbeat Productions

    “Soundcheque is a truly unique idea that I hope goes huge!”  Andrew Hewitt, Composer

    “We needed a theme tune, Soundcheque supplied it the same day. Awesome service.” YouTube comedy channel

    “Soundcheque really has the personal touch. I love it!” Tim Allen, Composer

    "Soundcheque is setting a new precedent in the music licensing world, offering the most artist-friendly rates I have come across" Rob Blake, Composer

    "Great turnaround - we were really impressed!" Autocar.co.uk

    "An exciting opportunity for up and coming musicians. Get yourselves on here and globalise your sound. It's time for Soundcheque" Our Style Management

    "Soundcheque is wonderful and a great way to get artists work!" Beardyman

    "We LOVE Soundcheque's music" Three Blind Mice